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Continuous Feedback on Work, As it Happens

Code Review

Connect your apps & map out work happening across your company

Worklytics analyzes data on work performed in common cloud-based productivity tools, such as Github, Bitbucket, Confluence and JIRA to provide real-time insight on employee productivity & performance.

Share Feedback on Skills & Actual Work as it Happens

Automate regular Check-ins to collect feedback from people who have worked together on code, documents, meetings and more. Detailed Check-in reports help track the progress of new hires, recent promotions and any other team member.

Developer Metrics

Performance Review

Gain visibility into the development process across all your tools

Worklytics connects with common engineering and product tools such as GitHub, Trello, Confluence, Google Docs, Google Calendar and analyzes data on work completed to provide you with insight into collaboration and progress made by your team members.

These companies use Worklytics to learn about their teams

Automate 360 Degree Reviews

Run a variety of review types including peer, manager and self reviews and use our web-based form editor to customize review questions and perform in-depth anaylsis on technical roles in Engineering, Product and Design.

360 Degree Feedback

Performance Review

Generate Comprehensive Reports on Feedback and Performance

Gain visibility into your team’s performance down to specific skills. Reports Help managers provide better feedback by benchmarking performance results and automating analysis of people’s key strengths and weaknesses.

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